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June 21, 2021
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Are you ready? Director Identification Number – Starts 1st November 2021.

Director Identification Number

The government has initiated a new system that attaches a unique identifying number to an individual who is a company director. If you are a company director you will need a director identification number. You can apply for a director ID from November 2021.

What is a Director Identification Number?

A director has one number permanently attached to them, and this is used for identification purposes for all companies they are a director of. The new Australian Business Registry Services (ABRS) will administer the director ID register, which will gradually integrate all government business registers into one register with greater security. The director ID numbers will mean better transparency of appointed directors of companies but also increased privacy protections.

What Do You Need To Do?

When you must apply for your director ID depends on the date you become a director.

Date Person becomes a Director Must Apply By
On or Before 31 October 2021 (i.e. Existing Directors) By 30 November 2022
Between 1 November 2021 & 4 April 2022 Must apply within 28 days of Appointment as Director
From 5 April 2022 Must obtain before Appointment as Director

Prospective directors can apply for a director ID up to 12 months ahead of the appointment.

Application Process

The easiest and fastest way to apply is online via ABRS.

  1. You’ll need a myGovID account to apply for your director ID number online. This creates an authenticated digital identity you can use when accessing government services online. 
  2. Verify your identity using your myGovID credentials or create a myGovID using your smartphone and Australian identity documents such as your TFN & Notice of Assessment or Bank Details. For more information visit How to set up myGovID.
  3. Conduct a proof of record ownership by answering two questions about the individual’s ATO record.  
  4. Complete the application through Australian Business Registry Services, (ABRS). This will link your myGovID account to the application. If the application is verified successfully, you’ll receive your director ID straight away.

Directors – you will have to complete this process yourself as you must verify your identity as part of the application – nobody else can apply on your behalf. However assist you to make sure you have all the documentation you need to make the process as quick as possible.

You can also apply via paper form or telephone.

Please note, a myGovID account is not the same as a MyGov account you may already have to access Medicare or Services Australia). 

What Next?

Start gathering your identification documents now in preparation for applying in November. Set up your myGovID, if you haven’t already, and take note of when you need to get your ID number and provide to our office.

Be proactive! Even if you have 1 or 20 companies, you only need to apply once. This is also a great time to update your ASIC details such as any change of address. 

Talk to us if you’d like to know more about director ID numbers and company director obligations – email us to find out how we can help.

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Karen Goad
Karen Goad
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