Business Performance

Better business starts with better information. Analysis & forecasting can provide business owners with the right data to grow their business – knowing when to put on a new employee or which product / service is most profitable are key to really knowing how to improve business profit.

We assist our clients with budgeting, cashflow forecasting, monthly or quarterly management reporting & business performance review meetings. Helping you build success your way.

Business Budgeting

A business budget is an essential. We work with you to develop a forecast of your income, expenses, capital expenditure and profit over the next 12 months. A budget allows business owners to accurately understand where their business is heading and develop business goals and actions for the next year.  


Our aim is to ensure business owners know their business better. It is only with quality, accurate & regular information about their business that it can flourish. A good management report will provide this information in an easy-to-understand format to allow good & efficient decision making for your business. We tailor our management reports, in content, format and presentation to your business for understanding and accuracy.

Cashflow Forecasting

Understanding that net profit per the Profit & Loss Statement doesn’t equal cash in the bank account is important for planning & business success. A cashflow forecast goes hand-in-hand with the business budget, to ensure bills can be met and the business will survive. In conjunction with your business budget we predict your monthly cash-in, cash outgoings and bank balance.

Performance Review Meetings

We meet with our business performance clients on a regular basis (monthly or quarterly) to review & interpret management reports, assist in setting business goals and tracking financial information against set goals. We assist you in making efficient and good business decisions to improve your profit and meet your business goals.